At Vision Expo, attendees can experience the coolest tech, from in-office edgers and finishers to state-of-the-art lab equipment and optical supplies PLUS refractors, lensmeters, imaging systems, advances in pharmaceuticals, low vision and more. No other event offers a deeper look into the revolutionary technology transforming the industry.


The true Vision Expo journey begins at The Focus. This new neighborhood represents the foundation of eyecare and offers the keys to masterfully servicing your patients and customers.

The Focus brings together the very best in lens and coating technology, lens processing techniques, disease management solutions, contact lens innovations, and eyecare practice optimization. Think “before-the-frame” and discover the most advanced technologies in our reimagined neighborhood dedicated to groundbreaking vision care.

The Panorama offers a bird’s eye view on the frontier of vision technology, spotlighting the cutting-edge business solutions, medical advances, software and wearables that are paving the way for what’s to come in our industry.

Technology is unfolding at warp speed across every facet of life. The vision industry is riding this wave of acceleration. We are witnessing end-to-end transformation across patient diagnostics and care, eyewear manufacturing and practice management. Visit The Panorama for a first look at the advances that are set to revolutionize the optical landscape.