We have instituted a thorough review process for media in order to maintain the highest standard of excellence for Vision Expo. Press passes are provided to members of the media whose publications cover the ophthalmic industry or publications that cover fashion, healthcare, technology or lifestyle industries.

After your registration has been submitted, Vision Expo will review your credentials and notify you regarding the status of your registration within 10 business days. During the review process, we may request you provide more information about your credentials in order to process your registration. If you are asked to submit this information, please provide either of the following to Hayley Rakus.
  • A valid 2023 press/business card and original letter of assignment from the publication’s editor
  • A sample of a bylined article covering the above industries published in the last year

Denials of Media Credentials: Reasons for the denial of media credentials may include one or a combination of the following:

Non-editorial position: Media credentials for Vision Expo are intended for editorial staff only. This includes editors, writers, reporters, reviewers, producers, photographers, videographers, and website content managers. Media Credentials will only be granted to those who are attending specifically to write about and cover Vision Expo in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, blogs, and social media. Non-editorial personnel such as sales, marketing, PR, and graphic design do not qualify for media credentials except for specific cases deemed appropriate by Show Management.

Audience breadth and content depth: Media Credentials for Vision Expo are limited in nature and distributed across content mediums. In making our approval determinations, we heavily consider audience breadth and content depth, as it relates to eyewear fashion, optical technology, eyecare science and medicine.

Friends and family: Media credentials are extended as a courtesy to adult professional editorial staff. Friends, family, and guests of editorial staff do not qualify unless they can independently present the appropriate materials to qualify for media credentials.

Vague or incomplete registration: We ask for registrations to be filled out completely. If your registration is vague or missing required information, it will not be approved.


Press Badges can be picked up in the Press Office. In addition to badge pick up, the Press Office has complimentary amenities including seating, beverages, light refreshments, access to Vision Expo and exhibitor media kits, and a dedicated staff member to answer questions.

Press rooms open at 8AM and close at 6PM. 


Want to record or broadcast certain activities at Vision Expo? No problem. Please contact Hayley Rakus for more information. Please note: Filming is prohibited at education sessions.


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For media inquiries regarding press registration, onsite press amenities, editorial copy and booking exhibitor press conferences, please contact Hayley Rakus.


For more information on advertising in the ONLY official Vision Expo Show Dailies please contact Dennis Murphy at