Mastering Prism

Mastering Prism

September 26, 2020, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Sands Convention Center - TBD

Prism can present unique challenges even for the seasoned optician. Mastering the art and science of prism is made easy using the Pure Optics approach of combing Physical and Geometric Optics of Light, Prentice Rule, decentration, Prescribed Prism - Therapeutic vs. Adverse Prism methods, prism distribution methods, verify prescribed prism, compounding and resolving prism, and prism thinning. This fun course is a must for every optician, optometrist or anyone wanting to master prism.


  • Phernell Walker



    Pure Optics

    Mr. Walker is an internationally recognized educator and author of the text-book Pure Optics. He is a Master in Ophthalmic Optics, earned an MBA from...


  1. ABO Yes
  2. AOA Paraoptometric Commission No
  3. COPE No
  4. Florida State Board of Opticianry Yes
  5. Florida State Board of Opticianry – Technical No
  6. Florida State Board of Optometry No
  7. NCLE No
  8. New York State Opticians - Contact Lenses - Advanced No
  9. New York State Opticians - Contact Lenses - Basic No
  10. New York State Opticians-Contact Lenses-Intermediate No
  11. New York State Opticians-Dispensing-Advanced No
  12. New York State Opticians-Dispensing-Basic No
  13. New York State Opticians-Dispensing-Intermediate Yes
  14. Orals No
  15. TQ-CEE No
  16. Therapeutic No


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    OptiCon - Spectacle
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