Scleral Lens Fitting and Troubleshooting

Scleral Lens Fitting and Troubleshooting

September 25, 2020, 3:15 PM - 5:15 PM

Sands Convention Center - TBD

Although early generations of scleral contact lenses were totally replaced by soft and hard contact lenses, new designs and materials have recently allowed the successful use of nonfenestrated scleral contact lenses in patients who are intolerant to conventional contact lenses. These new scleral contact lenses form a bridge over the cornea, which is thus bathed in a moisture reservoir. Scleral contact lenses provide unique therapeutic and vision rehabilitative properties that overcome the therapeutic gaps encountered with conventional contact lens therapies. The availability of new and diverse materials--in particular, the use of highly oxygen-permeable materials for scleral contact lenses--has allowed reevaluation of the clinical role of scleral lenses in the management of irregular corneal surface disorders and ocular surface disease.


  • Buddy Russell



    Thomas Eye Group

    After a long and distinguished career at Emory University, Buddy left academia to accept a position at Thomas Eye Group in Atlanta. He has been...


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