September 24, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Sands Convention Center - TBD

In this course, attendees will explore and learn the benefits of using niche contact lenses and amniotic membranes in specific circumstances. Topics discussed will include preventing vertical prism imbalance with Oasys soft toric contact lenses, reducing digital eye fatigue with Biofinity Energys, Tangent Streak Spectra Vue rigid gas permeable multifocals for presbyopia wear and amniotic membranes for the healing of the corneal surface. Using these special contact lenses and membranes will create a successful healthy vibrant eyecare business.


  • Scott Keating



    Vision Trends

    I have been featured several times in the magazine - Invision. One of the features was an article based on my bold and risky plan to create a...


  1. ABO No
  2. AOA Paraoptometric Commission No
  3. COPE No
  4. Florida State Board of Opticianry No
  5. Florida State Board of Opticianry – Technical No
  6. Florida State Board of Optometry No
  7. NCLE Yes
  8. New York State Opticians - Contact Lenses - Advanced Yes
  9. New York State Opticians - Contact Lenses - Basic No
  10. New York State Opticians-Contact Lenses-Intermediate No
  11. New York State Opticians-Dispensing-Advanced No
  12. New York State Opticians-Dispensing-Basic No
  13. New York State Opticians-Dispensing-Intermediate No
  14. Orals No
  15. TQ-CEE No
  16. Therapeutic No


  1. Track
    OptiCon - Spectacle
  2. Type of Session Course