Proactively Managing Myopia

Proactively Managing Myopia

September 23, 2020, 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM

Sands Convention Center - TBD

Myopia is an old condition, but a new disease. As we evaluate our perceptions around Myopia most eyecare providers see is as our bread and butter refractive error and the very reason that we contemplated eyecare, but things are changing. The prevalence of myopia has soared by 66 in the United States from where it was in the 1970s. We also know that a child who acquires myopia before 8 years old is 6.6X more likely to get high myopia. And patients who have high myopia are 40X times more likely to get retinal detachments and 120X more likely to get maculopathies. But even more concerning is the 2-3X risk of developing glaucoma, retinal detachments and macular conditions for patients who have small amount of myopia. We have to come up with solutions for our patients in order to reduce the global diseases that myopia is bringing on. This course approaches our simplified methods of instituting myopia management into your office so that you can take the management of myopia in your practice from Good to Great.


  • Dave Kading


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