Low Vision - Patient Communication Strategies

Low Vision - Patient Communication Strategies

September 25, 2020, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Sands Convention Center - TBD

As with any medical service, good communication with patients is key! When it comes to low vision, communication is the key to learning and learning is critical to change. This course will explain what to do and look for when communicating with your low vision patients in checking on their learning during your exam. Whether it is how patients' respond to your questions, what they say (or don't say), or how they behave when you ask them to perform tasks like reading a chart, there are clues everywhere. By knowing how to teach, listen for and observe patient learning, you will be able to maximize the potential for change as your patients' decide to utilize your prescriptions and incorporate your rehabilitation strategies and ultimately produce more successful patient outcomes!


  • Rebecca Kammer



    UC Irvine


  1. ABO No
  2. AOA Paraoptometric Commission No
  3. COPE Yes
  4. Florida State Board of Opticianry No
  5. Florida State Board of Opticianry – Technical No
  6. Florida State Board of Optometry Yes
  7. NCLE No
  8. New York State Opticians - Contact Lenses - Advanced No
  9. New York State Opticians - Contact Lenses - Basic No
  10. New York State Opticians-Contact Lenses-Intermediate No
  11. New York State Opticians-Dispensing-Advanced No
  12. New York State Opticians-Dispensing-Basic No
  13. New York State Opticians-Dispensing-Intermediate No
  14. Orals No
  15. TQ-CEE No
  16. Therapeutic No


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    Low Vision
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