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2020 Exhibitors


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  • A&A Optical Company

    • 18042

    Your Ultimate Eyewear Buying Experience

  • Alternative & Plan "B" Eyewear

    • U21030

    Welcome to the World of Alternative & Plan B Eyewear

  • Casey's Cove

    • 16111
    shared with New York Eye

    Casey's Cove is a NEW value-priced collection of handmade zyl and TR90 eyeglass styles for both boys and girls, ages 9-16. The collection features du...

  • Clariti Eyewear Inc.

    • 20025

    Design, development and distribution of superior eyewear at moderate price points are the core purpose of Clariti Eyewear. Featuring leading edge tech...

  • ClearVision Optical Co Inc

    • 16087

    Founded in 1949, ClearVision Optical is an award-winning leader in the optical industry, designing and distributing eyewear and sunwear for top brands...

  • Continental Optical Imports

    • 14050

    Continental Optical Imports

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. Eyewear

    • 16111
    shared with New York Eye

    Dale Jr. Eyewear reflects the style of this third-generation member of race royalty. The collection has the cool look of spirited all-American style a...

  • Enhance Eyewear

    • 16111
    shared with New York Eye

    An unscripted blend of real-world styles to perfectly outfit a wide myriad of identities.

  • ESE International

    • U22025

    ESE International (formerly known as Eastern States Eyewear)

  • Esquire Eyewear

    • 16111
    shared with New York Eye

    The Esquire Eyewear Collection was designed in collaboration with the experts at Esquire Magazine and encompasses a broad range of styles and material...

  • Etnia Barcelona

    • U23013

    Etnia Barcelona is an independent eyewear brand from Barcelona intimately linked with art. It is a pioneer in the study and application of color. Sin...

  • Eyes of Faith Optical

    • 14048

    10 Years of Purpose, Passion, Style

  • FGX International

    • 16024

    FGX International, a subsidiary of Essilor

  • Global Optique

    • 19025

    World Class Value - World Class Fashion - World Class Service

  • Harley-Davidson® Eyewear

    • 16053
    shared with Marcolin USA

    Harley-Davidson® continues to build the best products while meeting the ever changing demands of their ever expanding customer family. The eyewear lin...

  • Joan Collins Eyewear

    • 16111
    shared with New York Eye

    The philosophy of this collection is one of style and quality that makes women feel independent, energetic and attractive, all at a surprisingly affor...

  • Jubilee Eyewear

    • 16111
    shared with New York Eye

    The Jubilee collection offers something for everyone in the family. Features include traditional and contemporary shapes, styling and colors. Even the...

  • Kasperek USA Optical

    • 18023

    Wholesale Optical Distributor

  • Kenmark Eyewear

    • 16031

    It's Nice To See You.

  • Life is Good

    • 19031
    shared with McGee Group

    While life is not always perfect or easy, life is always good. We all have a choice: we can harp on what’s wrong with the world, or we can cultivate w...


    LINDBERG eyewear is the epitome of Scandinavian minimalism and award-winning subtlety, well known among the international fashion and style cognoscent...

  • LTD Eyewear

    • 14051

    The finest optical quality at the lowest price. Home of GEEK EYEWEAR®, ST. MORITZ®, CE-TRU LENSES®

  • Marcolin USA

    • 16053

    Marcolin Group, among the worldwide leading companies in the eyewear industry, stands out for the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation and a u...


  • Marie Claire Eyewear

    • 16111
    shared with New York Eye

    Designed in collaboration with the editors at Marie Claire, this all-new collection encompasses an array of fashion-forward frames. Unique and chic, ...