NEXT offers a fresh environment for new emerging designers to distinguish themselves in a destination that is linear, urban and industrial. This section will provide the retailer with what’s new in the marketplace for their stores while providing designers with a turnkey, cost-effective, customer-designer environment.

Education Area

Expand Your Vision - The education area is a special assembly for seminars, workshops, presentations, and events. Here you can enhance your performance, broaden your mind, and bolster your business acumen. The venue headlines a distinctive list of renowned experts in clinical research, business, fashion, and marketing.
Stop by the Education Resource Center between courses to recharge, enjoy complimentary refreshments and network with colleagues and peers.

Eyewear + Accessories

The Optical Wardrobe - Iconic companies, ubiquitous brands, and rising stars meet here to unveil their latest collections. This pavilion is outfitted with an eclectic array of inspired collaborations. The vibrant assortment of merchandise is the quintessential optical wardrobe—a definitive foundation for eyewear chic. It includes accessories that aren’t just supporting players. These products will anchor and cohesively complement any fashion statement, whether it’s optical, sport, or sunwear.


Think Outside the Frame - This is the hotspot for talent, who are as nonconformist as they are fashion-forward. In this space, handmade artisanal chic collides with intriguing practicality. The wizardry is achieved through unexpected materials and cutting-edge innovation. The limited distribution makes these ingeniously designed products highly coveted, and they will enchant even the most critical eye.

Lenses + Processing

The Future of Vision, Today - An area devoted to groundbreaking ophthalmic innovation with everything a professional might wish for. This is the hub for the latest in lens and frame technology, manufacturing, and instrumentation. You can also meet with suppliers and manufacturers who are shifting the paradigm of vision care. The manifestation of their commitment to vision health is reflected in every product line and piece of equipment on display.

Low Vision

The Low Vision Pavilion is the place to find the latest devices and advancements designed to help meet the needs of the 16 million Americans suffering from vision impairment.


The future of vision care is no longer science fiction, it’s reality. A section of the expo that expands the boundaries of vision science with opportunities to grow your dispensary and, ultimately, your business. It’s a microcosm of high-performance equipment and digital innovations, with diverse product portfolios —which include frame, lens, and contact lens technologies—from around the world. Yet the ultimate goal of medical science is to positively impact the quality of patients’ lives. And that improvement begins with eye health.


Set Your Sights on an Exclusive Engagement - A bespoke experience of enduring sophistication, rooted in the DNA of famous and infamous brands. This realm is driven by uncompromising craftsmanship and enhanced by an unparalleled creative vision. The opulent setting plays host to exquisite products, designed by couture iconoclasts who live in synergy with avant-garde luxury.